Shelter Staff

Jason Jairam, Assistant Shelter Manager

Jason Jairam

Jason Jairam

I’ve been with CIHS for over 10 years. My favourite thing about working here is talking to people and helping them to adopt an animal, whether it be a puppy, dog, kitten or cat. I want to make sure the animals will be taken care of and that they will find their forever homes.

Bruno is my favourite dog in the shelter. He is about 7 or 8 years old. He came to us because his owner lost her house and could no longer keep him. She loved him very much and because I saw how much she cared for him, made him very dear to me. He is a lovely dog, with a great disposition and he loves his treats. It’s really sad for both people and animals when hardship strikes.

I have a dog named Bibi. She is an Australian Shephard/Dalmatian mix. I rescued her from the Department of Agriculture a few years ago when she was 3 months old. I love to play cricket on my only day off, Sunday. And I also love going to the beach and just relax. I also like to go to the bar to meet new people.

Letty Blanco, Shelter Operations Supervisor


Letty Blanco

First and foremost, I love dealing with sick animals. I love to help them heal and get them back to good health, sometimes both physical and mental. I enjoy spending time with them, giving them plenty of TLC and give them the proper medication they need to recover. Secondly, I enjoy educating the public and trying to make them understand the responsibilities involved when adopting an animal. I try to encourage people to adopt not shop.

I get very attached to the dogs that need special, medical attention. One of them is a black dog named Roscoe, he was hit by a car and brought into the shelter. Unfortunately he lost one of his hind legs but he is the sweetest dog ever. He is currently in foster care.

I don’t have a pet at the moment. I took care of 2 dogs for a little while until I found them good homes because unfortunately I could not keep them. My life currently revolves around the shelter, which I love but on occasion I also like to party and socialize with my friends.

Beverly Pars, Animal Care Giver

Beverly Pars

Beverly Pars

I love working with the dogs, but I like being with all kinds of animals. My favourite dog is Kippie. She is so calm and lovely, a real sweetheart. She stole my heart from the day she came to the shelter. She also listens very well. Kippie is currently in a foster home so my second favourite dog is Princess. This is also the dog with me in the picture. She is also very sweet.

I have a dog, her name is Sobraya. She is a Pom/Shi-Tzu mix. She is about 3 years old and I have been her mommy for about 1.5 years. She is a rescue dog from the Department of Agriculture. My passion is animals however I also love working with the women at Beacon House, a rehab centre for women recovering from addiction.

Kim Blackwell, Part Time Book Loft Manager

Kim Blackwell

Kim Blackwell

I’ve been at CIHS since 2011. I love all animals and feel good knowing that I am helping the animals in the shelter by doing what I do! It’s also a great way to meet new people whether they be a volunteer or a customer.

I have 3 cats which all came from the CIHS many years ago – this shows that if you love and care for your pets they can live very long and happy lives with you as your family. Rushka was 18.5 when she passed away at the end of last year (calico). Khats and Mischa are brother and sister and aged 12.

We have more Rescue pets at home that came from IVS – a dog and a rabbit. Then we also have a zig zag eel and 2 fish – quite a busy household! My son and I are avid wildlife fans so we visit many Rescue Centres and Reserves around the world when on vacation!

Jacki Ebanks, Thrift Shop Manager

I love helping people to find the right purchase. I love happy customers. We recently had a fashion show and it was a big hit and we had a lot of fun with it.

It is not really a shelter dog but my favourite dog is Bibi (Jason’s dog). She’s so sweet. I have 2 dogs, Ship and Tucker, both Cayman mutts. I love to read, at least 1 book a day, love gardening, crafts and cooking.

Kim Arch, Surgical Veterinarian Technician

Kim Arch

Kim Arch

I’ve worked with CIHS for 5.5 years and I love being in a job that helps homeless animals. My favourite dog is Babsy. She’s such a gentle soul.

I have 5 dogs, they are all rescues. Star is a Shephard Mix, Marley is a Pitbull mix, Rocco is a Rottweiler mix, Yoda is a Bulldog mix and Breakers is a Pitbull.

I enjoy island life with my fiancé and I’m getting ready to have my first child.

Meryll Carter, Animal Care Giver

I’ve been working at the shelter since February 2016. I want to give back to the community and I help the dogs that are in the shelter. I love taking care of wounded animals or animals that require special care.

My favourite dog is Ferris. He ended up at the shelter when his owner suddenly died and nobody of the owner friends was able to adopt him. He is a young dog with lots of energy who is just happy all the time.

I like going to the beach, preferably with a dog, I like to read, go to the movies and listen to reggae music.

Iris Jackson, Animal Care Giver

Iris Jackson

Iris Jackson

I’ve been working at the shelter since August 2016. I love working with the animals. I have a soft spot for the older dogs, they really need some extra TLC.

My favorite dog is Hank. He was very sick but he is doing better now. He was recovering in a foster home and I missed him. he is now back t the shelter and I hope we will find him a forever home soon.

I love to party and go to the beach with friends and family. I also love to cook and eat.





Katarina Kusikova (Kat), Animal Care Giver

Katarina Kusikva

Kat and Ashes

I’ve been working at the shelter since April 2017. I love working with the animals. I have a soft spot for the older dogs, they really need some extra TLC.

What is it that you love working at the CIHS? What’s your favourite thing?

CIHS team works really hard and has some great chemistry going on. Together we make a significant difference in the lives of countless animals and that’s a great feeling. Being able to help them heal from their traumas and injuries by offering them safety and proper care, helping them to have a fresh start in life by matching them with the right people, showing them affection and love that they crave, being very hands-on with them and eventually seeing the progress. I love all of this and more and that’s why I look forward to coming to work every morning.

Do you have a favourite dog or cat? And why?

I do. It’s my boy, Ashes. I was there when he was rescued and taken to the vets in a pretty bad shape beaten up by other dogs but despite the misfortune that could have been the end of him he was still thankful and very gentle. He recovered from his injuries and was left with many scars on his body but to me he is still a handsome charmer with a soft gaze. Another reason he won me over is that he reminds me of a dog I once fell in love with in Guatemala.

Do you have a pet of your own?

Not at the moment I don’t, mostly because of my lifestyle that involves a lot of traveling and going from one shelter to another, from one country to another. As a kid I used to have all sorts of hamsters, mice and pet rats and then finally, when old enough, I was given a beautiful Irish red setter pup. Unfortunately, he was bit by the only type of poisonous snake we have in Slovakia and died shortly after. We got another one and he lived to be 14. But the day will come when I settle down and then bringing a dog into my life would be step 1.

Anything else you wish to add?

I am a traveller at heart with a soft spot for animals and elderly. Having lived in the Caribbean for a couple of years now, my favorite season is still autumn and early winter. Coming from a really small family I love my parents and granny more than anything. I could watch horror movies and crime/mystery documentaries all day long. I do enjoy driving, playing pool, street art, second hand shops and anything Christmas-related. I strongly dislike flying, smell of dill and vinegar, having to go to the dentist and deep water.