Shelter Staff

Jason Jairam, Assistant Shelter Manager

Jason Jairam

Jason Jairam

I’ve been with CIHS for over 10 years. My favourite thing about working here is talking to people and helping them to adopt an animal, whether it be a puppy, dog, kitten or cat. I want to make sure the animals will be taken care of and that they will find their forever homes.

Bruno is my favourite dog in the shelter. He is about 7 or 8 years old. He came to us because his owner lost her house and could no longer keep him. She loved him very much and because I saw how much she cared for him, made him very dear to me. He is a lovely dog, with a great disposition and he loves his treats. It’s really sad for both people and animals when hardship strikes.

I have a dog named Bibi. She is an Australian Shephard/Dalmatian mix. I rescued her from the Department of Agriculture a few years ago when she was 3 months old. I love to play cricket on my only day off, Sunday. And I also love going to the beach and just relax. I also like to go to the bar to meet new people.

Letty Blanco, Shelter Operations Supervisor


Letty Blanco

First and foremost, I love dealing with sick animals. I love to help them heal and get them back to good health, sometimes both physical and mental. I enjoy spending time with them, giving them plenty of TLC and give them the proper medication they need to recover. Secondly, I enjoy educating the public and trying to make them understand the responsibilities involved when adopting an animal. I try to encourage people to adopt not shop.

I get very attached to the dogs that need special, medical attention. One of them is a black dog named Roscoe, he was hit by a car and brought into the shelter. Unfortunately he lost one of his hind legs but he is the sweetest dog ever. He is currently in foster care.

I don’t have a pet at the moment. I took care of 2 dogs for a little while until I found them good homes because unfortunately I could not keep them. My life currently revolves around the shelter, which I love but on occasion I also like to party and socialize with my friends.

Jacki Ebanks, Thrift Shop Manager

I love helping people to find the right purchase. I love happy customers. We recently had a fashion show and it was a big hit and we had a lot of fun with it.

It is not really a shelter dog but my favourite dog is Bibi (Jason’s dog). She’s so sweet. I have 2 dogs, Ship and Tucker, both Cayman mutts. I love to read, at least 1 book a day, love gardening, crafts and cooking.

Kim Arch, Surgical Veterinarian Technician

Kim Arch

Kim Arch

I’ve worked with CIHS for 5.5 years and I love being in a job that helps homeless animals. My favourite dog is Babsy. She’s such a gentle soul.

I have 5 dogs, they are all rescues. Star is a Shephard Mix, Marley is a Pitbull mix, Rocco is a Rottweiler mix, Yoda is a Bulldog mix and Breakers is a Pitbull.

I enjoy island life with my fiancé and I’m getting ready to have my first child.