Dog Training At The Beach

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I'm home!

Rupert calmly waits for Phoenix to greet him on arriving home. To meet Rupert please contact us on 949 1461

Rupert wants to stay in bed

Rupert doesn't like to get out of bed in the morning! To adopt Rupert please contact us on 949 1461

Rupert playing with toys

Rupert loves to play with his toys. To meet Rupert please contact us on 949 1461

Rupert 'sit' 'lie down'

Rupert knows how to sit and lie down. This smart pup is learning so fast. To adopt Rupert please contact us on 949 1461

Its mine, all MINE!

UNNO loves the beach so much, he doesn't want to leave 😁

CORAL is a real lovebug who loves belly rubs!

CORAL is another beautiful ginger cat who loves to play and cuddle! She is currently in foster with Lisa and happy to get a break from the shelter. This is why fostering is so important, its gives shelter animals a break and they can enjoy being in a home. If you are interested in adopting Coral or becoming a foster parent, please contact us at 9491461.

Sadly we haven't had any inquiries about Goofy. This sweet and super cute kitten is waiting for his hero to adopt him. We don't want him to miss out on getting his forever home. He can't go back to the shelter because of his eye infection but he can't stay in a foster home for the rest of his life either! Please someone adopt GOOFY!

Hugo enjoying a break from the shelter

Here's Hugo enjoying some time in the play area today. To adopt Hugo please come on down to meet him or call us on 949 1461

Ru walking with Julie

Here's Ru using his new easy walker harness with Julie from Love Your Dog Ru is a friendly pup who is looking for his forever home. We know that special person is out there for him. To meet Ru please contact us on 949 1461

Goofy is a super sweet kitten, dreaming of his own forever home. He needs to be the only cat in the home due to an underlying eye infection. Please contact us 9491461 if you want to adopt GOOFY!

UNO picked up "sit" in a matter of a few days! His foster mom Rachel is very proud of him and said:" Uno is a lovely dog who loves to be in your company. Sometimes he’ll curl up on your lap, sometimes just sit next to long as he’s near you, he happy! He’s well behaved on the leash and responds to commands. He loves to explore smells and walks on the beach. Uno will go in the water but isn't fussed about splashing or swimming. He’s learnt to sit and now does this on command. We’re working on ‘paw’. He loves chew toys but doesn’t chew everything is sight, just his toys. He can fetch but it’s slightly more ‘fetch the ball and wrestle it off him’. He’s gentle with small children but can mistake their approach for food. Overall he’s a wonderful dog who has made real progress while he been with us. When his heart worm treatment is done, he’ll be ecstatic to be out and about and find a new forever home".


Here's Andy taking a break. He has been through so much and he is still only a pup. Please donate for Andy. You can donate using the 'Donate' button on this Facebook page, at the shelter or via Cayman Gift Certificates (/ Please help us if you can. Thanks and please share

Lottie having fun at the beach with her sister Lizzie.

Lottie enjoying the beach.

Heather loves to play with toys

Here's Heather playing with a toy. She LOVES toys! To adopt Heather please come on down to meet her!

UNNO Is learning how to sit for treats!

RUPERT lost his front leg and is currently recovering with foster parent Phoenix and her room mate William. He is doing great, they take him on short walks and his other front leg is getting stronger. This is what fostering is all about, helping an animal in need. If you would like to sign up as a foster parent, please contact us.

Wallace goofing around with a tennis ball

Wallace goofing around with a tennis ball. To adopt the wonderful Wallace then please come on down to meet him or call us on 949 1461