Young - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsSpecial Needs

The beautiful Yvette needs your help! She’s caught FIV, which does not prevent her from leading a long and happy life but it means she must be kept separate from the other cats at the shelter. This has made her quite lonely and eager to get some cuddles and stretch her legs!

She is a true princess with silky soft fur, easygoing, and gets along perfectly fine with others. FIV is not passed on through humans or dogs, only other cats. She really needs a foster to get out of her cage, and ideally a furever home ❤️



Yvette is a fluffy white princess with a tolerant easygoing temperament. She has been at the shelter for around a year and she is quieter than many of the other catsShe lives alongside other cats very well and responds quite affectionately to them. She is affectionate but also low-maintenance, not demanding after the fashion of kittens. A furever home is ideal, but a medium- to long-term foster would also be great; it’s hard for cats to thrive in the shelter.

From a foster: “She really is a lovely cat – so calm and easygoing, sociable in her quiet way and with an endearing way of swiping her paw down over a treat to make sure nobody else gets it! PREY! She won’t pester you but she will like to be in the same room with you as you watch television or read a book; she gets on well with other cats (she was really tolerant of Nimbus’s need for affection, which involved him constantly butting his head against hers and curling up on top of her!) and would probably integrate easily into a house that already has cats. She likes to be patted, and her fur is soft as silk….”