Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained
Wesley was brought to us in need of attention. Luckily for him Mike and Aspen came forward to foster him. Here’s what they had to say about Wesley: “Wesley has been a dream foster! He came to us severely underweight, with heartworm disease, and was very sick and lethargic. From the get-go he has had no problems eating. We have managed to put some pounds on him:) Wesley is very quiet and mellow. We have barely heard his voice…no barking whatsoever, just some happy whines when we get home. Neighbors haven’t heard a peep. He’s happy to just chill and has found his three favorite spots in the house to relax and nap. Wesley’s best friend is a stuffed animal lamb with whom he gets very playful. He also has a blanket that he loves to lay next to.
We just let him relax most of the day, but he does get up to get “loved on.” He is so gentle and sweet and we have never had a dog that loves to just get cuddled and loved on so often.
Wesley is good on walks. No pulling on the leash. No problems with other dogs (other dogs on walks as well as our next door neighbor’s pup have interacted with him on many occasions and he remains super calm.). He is great with children and meeting new humans. Zero issues.
He doesn’t jump up on humans and we have yet to see him get very riled up in general.
We’re working on “sit” right now. He knows “out” when he needs to leave an area (cooking, eating, etc) and will just stroll away. At night he sleeps upstairs just outside our bedroom on a comfy carpeted spot that he chose on his own. Overall, he just wants to PLEASE. So sweet and adaptable. No issues whatsoever. We love him and hope he finds a wonderful forever home.”