Senior - Male
Adoption Pending Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Tweed is looking for his retirement palace! Well, he’s not that fussy. Tweed is more interested in having the company of people!  He needs to be in a home where they are his people around him a lot of the time. Tweed came to us last year. He was 1 of 37 animals we rescued from one house. Tweed is a very handsome 8 year old golden retriever. He gets on well with all dogs and cats. He allows children to pet him. Tweed is a little wary of men but with time could learn to trust again. He is completely house-trained. He will wake up his person if he needs go out in emergency situations but he typically sleeps through the night. Tweed likes to be beside the bed on a mat or he will sleep in the bathroom on a mat. He is definitely an indoors dog. He doesn’t like to be left outside with other dogs and will bark to come back inside the house. Tweed likes to be wet! He will lie in puddles to be wet. He has a beautiful golden coat. To keep this in tip top shape he needs it to be trimmed and brushed to reduce shedding. Tweed loves his food and likes to have milk bones at night and will remind you if you forget them! He loves to be on a lead and walked and he is easily walked as he is so gentle. Tweed enjoys travelling in the car. If you are looking for a dog that is an easy companion then look no further! Please contact us on 949 1461 if you are interested in meeting Tweed.