Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium

Kush was surrendered to us in early March heavily pregnant. 8 days later she gave birth to 9 pups.  Kush wasn’t able to feed her pups as she has been unwell herself. Kush’s pups are now being bottle-fed and are doing much better.  Kush is in need of a foster home of her own. She is recovering from an infection. Can you help her? Here’s what her foster mum had to say about Kush: “Kush is a lovely dog. She has been through a lot of trauma and takes a while to trust men. Women she takes to easily. She is a clever little thing and has learnt to sit and go down.  She is as proud as punch sitting in the car. When gently introduced to other dogs she shows an interest in being friends.  She is great with Gina and i think she will have an even better side without the pups around.  I find her eager to please and be loved. I totally believe in her.”