Young - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Joshua is a super pup who loves to be around other dogs.  He has come very far in the shelter with help from his kennel mates and volunteers and he now enjoys affection. His favourite things are treats and running around with his doggy friends where he really comes out of his shell. Joshua has been lucky enough to be fostered by Lana and her family. Here’s what she had to say about Joshua: “Joshua gets along with my other dogs, he seems to enjoy everyone’s company. He loves to run around playing with Sol outside and follows him around just copying whatever Sol is doing. Joshua eats well.  He is learning to sit and give a paw. He stands and waits for his leash to be put on. I have been leaving him in the crate when unattended now.  He has had no accidents in there. Joshua is a little shy around people but warms up quite quickly and goes for a sniff to check them out.  He likes kisses and cuddles. Whilst walking he can tug a little at times but mostly stays beside me and looks up to check I am there often. He is calm inside the house and will settle in the crate or on a bed or the floor for a nap, he is not fussy.  He walks right into the crate after a drink when he has been outside.” If Joshua is the perfect pup for you then please contact us on 949 1461 to meet him