Adult - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

We don’t know how anyone can resist this little girl? She is SO sweet. Blossom came to us in early September with a prolapsed womb. She has now made a complete recovery and is looking wonderful. Blossom is a small dog of only 42lbs and not getting any bigger. She is an incredibly gentle walker. Blossom takes a little while to get to know new people as she is shy. She hasn’t experience much yet but we know with time she would be such an awesome girl to have around. Once she trusts you she would go anywhere with you. Blossom loved travelling in the car. She LOVES being sat with and talked to. She showed some fear of cats so could get used to existing cats in a home. Blossom enjoys the company of other dogs. She is not used to children but allowed young children to pet her. Come on down to meet the wonderful Blossom!