Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Ada is a very good family dog. Has wonderful protective instincts without any aggression towards family members. Super gentle towards children and when you give her a treat she takes very gently and is very appreciative of her current home. She is perfectly house trained and only barks if there is a visitor or someone she sees from the window. In moments of barking and excitement with tiny children not once has she lost control and accidentally bitten or mouthed the children (2 and 3). Perfectly trustworthy. She likes a bit of exercise as she wants to play. She tried it with the cats and didn’t get anywhere. She is interested in the cats as play mates rather than prey but if you pick one of them up she looks more interested. She has had a few run ins with Moana (foster kitten) who hasn’t backed down and has wound up Ada when she didn’t need to be but the older cats are better. She doesn’t make eye contact and slinks past them. A beautiful family dog who fits in perfectly and just wants to be loved and included